About Us

New York Properties Ltd

Whether you are looking for a penthouse or a chic pied-à-terre, a statement luxury apartment or stylish corporate acquisition, we can help. We have access to the details of all the thousands of properties available in New York, at a variety of prices. We are confident we have the right acquisition for you.

That is because as a client of New York Properties Ltd, you get service that’s expert, personalised – and FREE of charge.

It is incredibly satisfying finding the right property for my clients, researching and coordinating before they even make the trip to Manhattan. Simply, it is beneficial to make us your first point of contact and I am confident you would not look back or experience disappointment. As our client, you will have access to all the listings in New York as all brokerage companies in New York work together.

Being a smaller, more personal company, we strive to provide excellent service to clients and specialise in offering advice from both UK and USA property market perspective, which are significantly distinct. I – Elisa Marcoi am your specialised agent to assist you in UK. Having been a developer and an investor myself, I understand which factors are important when making such a decision. I have extended my research and knowledge to New York property market since 2008 and having completed my study at New York Real Estate Institute, I have become a NY State licenced agent and am the UK based affiliate to New York Residence Inc, New York.

New York Residence – the affiliate firm, New York

New York Residence offers a full range of residential and commercial real estate services. With our strong team in the industry, hard work, and an unsurpassed local and international network, New York Residence continues to exceed the clients’ expectations every day.

All New York Residence agents and brokers are licensed by the State of New York. Licensing requirements are strict and require passing a state exam. Licenses needs to be renewed every two years and all of our agents and brokers need to meet continuing education requirements. In addition, all New York Residence agents are insured for a million dollars by Lloyds of London to give our clients the highest level of confidence

About Elisa Marcoi

During more than 15 years working in a customer service environment, Elisa had enjoyed stimulating interactions with a wide variety of clients. After working in London with British Midland Airways – BMI, she decided to pursue her interest in property and established her own development company, Elisa Marcoi Estates Limited. Elisa quickly earned an enviable reputation for the outstanding quality of her properties, and in 2009 the company was named among the top 1% fastest-growing in Great Britain.

In 2008 she began to extend her interests to New York City. She enrolled at the New York Real Estate Institute and subsequently became a State Licensed Agent. She spent several months in Manhattan researching the local property markets and working with New York Residence. Following this, her experience, drive and uncompromising commitment to customer service led New York Residence to name Elisa its preferred UK affiliate contact.